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Too Many Baptist Churches in Deep South; Very Problematic Indeed

Have you ever visited the Deep South in the United States? Heck there is a Baptist Church on every corner and it is rather interesting indeed to see all this and even more funny when driving down the road in a Prevost motor home or motor home on a truck chassis which are not all that quiet and you can hear the people singing out side the church, while you drive by.

And I sheet you not; in Macon Georgia we drove down one street with 4 Baptist Churches about 400 yards apart and on both sides of the street and we could hear singing as we drove down the street at the same time from each of them.

Now folks that is scary indeed, that is just too much church for me. There are Too Many Baptist Churches in Deep South and this is very problematic indeed. Some say it keeps people from doing bad things so it is good? It puts the fear of God in them. It makes them better citizens? What for 2 hours before and after church? That is a bunch of bull some of the areas in the Deep South have some of the worst crime in the country and someone tried to break into my motor home at a roadside stake house there?

Putting fear or guilt in someone does not make them a better citizen. There is not moral base that is set. Good people do good things and bad people do bad things; and religion allows good people to do bad things? Too Many Baptist Churches in Deep South is Very Problematic Indeed.