With our list of the best moving supplies, you can plan for your next move. Listen to our pitch on everything from bubble wrap to toolsets by clicking the link below.

• Packing essentials • Moving furniture and appliances • Cleaning supplies • Small (but critical) items

Think again if you believe your transfer would only need boxes and tape. The proper packing and moving supplies can mean the difference between a “that wasn’t so bad” move and an “I’m never doing that again!” movement.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of necessary moving supplies for you to refer to when you get ready to relocate. Our checklist outlines what materials you’ll need and how to use them to make your transition go smoothly. We’ll also show you how to cut costs on your moving supplies.

Get answers to some commonly asked questions about moving supplies in the section below, then continue reading for our comprehensive list of moving supplies.

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Moving boxes are by far the most valuable item you’ll need. To make packing simpler, we suggest having a range of package sizes and shapes. Get small boxes for heavy objects, such as books, and large boxes for light, bulky items, such as pillows or blankets, at the very least. For delicate things like plates, medium boxes with box dividers are ideal.

You will also find free boxes on websites like Freecycle or Craigslist if you want to save money and have the time to do some research. When people are finished with their used moving boxes, they often list them on Craigslist. If you go this path, keep in mind that used containers can not have the same structural integrity as new boxes, so pack carefully.


You don’t want to just put anything in a box, though. To cover delicate things like your dishes, use foam wrap sheets. Bubble wrap is ideal for encasing larger or unusually shaped breakables.

Newspaper is also cost-effective, though ineffective, alternative. Simply save your newspaper for a few weeks or ask your neighbors for theirs after they’ve finished reading. Note that newspaper doesn’t have the same amount of cushioning as proper packing materials, so save it for the most fragile products.

Material labeling

When you pack, make sure to mark your boxes. Each has its method: some prefer the ease of writing on a tube, while others prefer to use colored stickers to create a color code. Try these moving labels for an evident and transparent solution. Whatever method you use, make sure the boxes are labeled on both sides.

Tape for packing

If you can be tempted to buy the cheapest packaging tape you can find, we suggest investing a few bucks in better video. Cheap tape is often too thin to be used effectively, and it has poor sticking strength. Stick with well-known brands. To save money, use a tape gun to dispense tape easily and purchase your packing tape in bulk rolls. You may not think you’ll need a lot of videos, but you’ll need more than you think.

Rope or cargo belts

Using cargo belts or rope to prevent your belongings from shifting around while you load your moving truck. Unsecured objects have the potential to move and cause harm. Cargo straps allow you to secure your belongings to the moving truck’s side or each other. Simply ensure that your straps are thick enough to hold heavy furniture supplies in place without breaking.

Pads for furniture

Cover your large furniture with furniture pads. Using a place to cover your dresser will mean the difference between it looking brand new and getting a big gouge on the top you see every time you get socks.

Though furniture pads are available for purchase, we suggest renting them. A https://buzzmoving.com/ will usually sell you a dozen places for between $10 and $20, which is around the same price as purchasing a single pad. You may also use blankets as a cost-effective alternative. Just don’t expect your blankets to make it through the relocation unscathed.

Cover your furniture with these plastic covers that slip on over it. Although these covers don’t have much in the way of padding, they help keep your products clean and protect the surface. Covers will also help you maintain your warranty on high-priced items such as mattresses. Get mattress bags and sofa covers at the very least. Simply drape the blankets over your bed or sofa and secure them with tape.