WordPress is unbearably the best Content Management System (CMS) that has been chosen by many content creators,businesses,and bloggers and web publishers. This is mainly because WordPress has made it very easy to create and maintain a website with the plugins and templates alike. Always get WordPress support to better choose the plugins that your website needs. For a better user experience,here are top 5 essential WordPress user experience Plugins.

Essential User Experience WordPress Plugins


With this Plugin,the admin can view click heat maps,mouse and movement heat maps in the website. Another important thing is that someone can easily fully record user activity on the website. Though,it’s important to note that Script is not able to record interactions on iFrames mainly because they’re not sent to current documents by the browser for confidential and security reasons.

W3 Total Cache

This is a Plugin that means a lot when keeping your website clean is vital. W3 total cache tries to clean the website of all the needless content and optimize the page speeds. One reason why I have included this plugin on the list is because it is used by Giant companies such as Mashable.com and AT&T.

WP smush

The images on your content and website might still be taking too much space which can affect the load speed of your website. This is why many web owners have started using WP smush to compress,resize and Optimize images.

WP Touch

This is another plugin that wise WordPress users use to optimize their WordPress website for Mobile. Mobile usage remains a hot cake to many businesses. It continues to grow and hence you can be sure most of your traffic will be using mobile phones.

Broken Link Checker

Websites especially blogs tend to acquire broken links over time. This is especially because there’s a lot of links and pages that the blogs have to keep up with. The 404 pages are a nuisance to the visitors and there are chances they can avoid your website all together because of this. Using Broken Link checker WordPress Plugin will help deal with this issue.

WordPress FAQs

How do I convert my website into WordPress App?

There are always ways to convert your WordPress website into an app. Although that is not an easy affair,you can get WordPress Help from a WordPress Development Agency offering all the WordPress services. This will help you get the right plugin and upload your WordPress website’s URL,give a name and choose an Icon for your website.

Can I use Plugins with Free WordPress?

It’s hard to use Plugins with Free WordPress. All the users are supposed to upgrade to the WordPress Business at a cost of $299 per year. What this means is that you cannot install third-party plugins if you are on the Free,personal or premium WordPress plan.

How many plugins should a WordPress site have?

There’s no limit to the number of plugins that your site should use. But remember too many plugins will more definitely lead to security breaches on your site. Too many of them can cause the website to crash or have slow loading speeds. If you don’t want bad performance in your site which can keep users away,always manage the number of plugins that your website is using.

WordPress is a popular CMS that has the power to help you create and maintain a functional website and a mobile application for your business. For most businesses,keeping their websites clean and user friendly is the key to success. The above are some of the plugins you can use to improve user experience.

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